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Masonry Line Twigs (Trigs)

# 2 Tempered steel, with flexibility. Yellow enamel coating for rust prevention. Permanent imprinting process.

Item #1050
Minimum to Imprint: 500

Masonry Line Blocks

Hardwood Line Blocks with natural wood finish with smooth surface. Strong, dense wood, resistant to damage. Best wooden blocks on the market.

Item: LNBL3 (3" x 1 1/4")
Item: LNBL4 (4" x 1 1/4")
Minimum to Imprint: 500

Ultra Hard Line Pins

Heat treated high carbon steel . Zinc coating for resistance to corrosion and rust. Forged wedge point.

Item: 1030N Line Pins with Notches
Item: 1030 Line Pins without Notches
Minimum to Imprint: 500

Handy Jointer

Item: 820V - Two V Ends, 90 Degrees
Item: 820R - Two Round Ends 3/4"
Item: 820RV - One Round End 3/4", One V End, 90 degree
Minimum to Imprint: 500

Calculator, Slide Rules

Item: CALC-W-100 Concrete Volume, 100 Yard (6")
Item: CALC-W-300 Concrete Volume, 300 Yard (8")
To calculate concrete yardage required for cylinders, piers, circular and rectangular slabs.

Item: CALC-BLOCK Concrete Block Slide Rule
For determining quantity of block for walls, cellars, and other structures.

Item: CALC-SND-GV-ST Sand and Gravel Slide Rule
For estimating amount of material needed to cover an area. Adjustable scale.
Minimum to Imprint: 150


Premium quality and finish. Flat medium lead.

Pencils, rectangular
Item: PENCILCARPBL with Black Lead
Item: PENCILCARPRD with Red Lead

Pencils, Jumbo Round
Item: PENJUMRDBL Jumbo Round w/Eraser Black Lead
Item: PENJUMRDRL Jumbo Round w/Eraser Red Lead

Pencils, regular
Item: PENHEX2 Hex # 2 lead pencil with 1 panel imprint
Item: PENRD2 Round # 2 lead pencil with imprint
Minimum to Imprint: 720


Carpenter Pencil Sharpener

Sharpens flat carpenter's pencils quickly and easily.

Minimum to Imprint: 250

Hard Hat Pencil Holder

Self adhesive, plastic clip. Will hold a pencil, pen, paper or sun glasses.

Item: HHPH
Minimum to Imprint: 250

Slide Out Pocket Knife

Mini flip-it knife. Sliding high carbon electro honed steel blade. ABS case.

Item: KN250
Minimum to Imprint: 50

Scratch pads

View Our Complete Catalog of Scratch Pads.
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Silk Screened Plastic Pens

View Our Complete Catalog of Pens.
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Laser Engraved Metal Pens

View Our Complete Catalog of Pens.
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$25 Die charge in most imprinted items. Die will be kept on file for future orders.
Email or mail us your logo and copy. We will prepare your imprint for size and appearance based on your instructions.
Faxed logos cannot be used because of poor resolution.
Your layout will be sent to you for your approval before production.